Gonul Colak, Ph.D

My Research Interests

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"Spin-offs, Divestitures, and Conglomerate Investment," with  Toni M. Whited, Review of Financial Studies 20 (2007): 557-595.

"Cycles in the IPO Market," with Chris Yung and Wei Wang, Journal of Financial Economics 89 (2008): 192-208.

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"Global Leverage Adjustments, Uncertainty, and Country Institutional Strength," with Ali Gungoraydinoglu and Ozde Oztekin, Journal of Financial Intermediation, forthcoming.

Working Papers

"CEO Compensation Contagion via Peer Benchmarking: Effects of S&P 500 Index Additions" with Jun Yang and Pengfei Ye.
"CEO Mobility and Corporate Policy Risk" with Timo Korkeamaki, 2016.
"Global Leverage Adjustments, Political Uncertainty, and Country Institutional Strength" with Ozde Oztekin and Ali  
  Gungoraydinoglu, 2016. 

"Understanding the Common Dynamics of Corporate Waves," with Iftekhar Hasan, Necati Tekatli, 2016

 "International IPO Markets and a Foreign IPO Puzzle," with Candace Jens, April Knill, and Kelsey Syvrud, 2014. 

 "The Preferred Habitat Patterns in the Holdings of Canadian and U.S. Sub-National Debt," with
Bartley Hildreth, 2009.