Gonul Colak, Ph.D

My Research Interests

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Professor of Finance

Hanken School of Economics

Department of Finance and Economics

Arkadiankatu 22
P.O. Box 479

00101 Helsinki, Finland

E-mail: gonul.colak@hanken.fi

SSRN Author ID = 329865

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  • Education

Ph.D. in Finance, The University of Iowa, May 2004
M.S. in Economics, The University of Iowa, 2001
B.S. in Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Bilkent University, Turkey, 1998

  • Areas of Interest

Political Uncertainty, Equity Offerings, Corporate Restructuring, Investor Relations, Financial Intermediation and Banking, Executive Compensation, Financial Econometrics, S&P 500 Index Firms.

  • Experience
Professor, Department of Finance and Economics, Hanken School of Economics, March 2019 - present.
Visiting Scholar, Leonard N. Stern School of Business, New York University, January 2019 - present.
Associate Professor, Department of Finance and Economics, Hanken School of Economics, June 2015-March 2019.
Visiting Scholar, Department of Finance, Fordham University, April-May 2017, April 2018. 
Assistant Professor, Department of Finance and Economics, Hanken School of Economics, January 2015-May 2015.    
Visiting Scholar, Istanbul School of Central Banking, Central Bank of Turkey, September 2014-December 2014. 
Assistant Professor, Department of Finance, Florida State University, August 2007-April 2014.    
Assistant Professor, FREDS Departments, Wichita State University, August 2004-May2007.
  • Editorial Service
         Associate Editor, Journal of Financial Stability, January 2019 - present.  

  • Professional Affiliation

Member of American Finance Association (AFA), Member of Financial Management Association (FMA), The Society for Financial Studies (SFS)   

  • Publications
    • "Spin-offs, Divestitures, and Conglomerate Investment," with Toni M. Whited, Review of Financial Studies 20 (2007): 557-595.
    • "Cycles in the IPO Market," with Chris Yung and Wei Wang, Journal of Financial Economics 89 (2008): 192-208.                
    • “Diversification, Refocusing, and Firm Value,” European Financial Management 16 (2010): 422-448.        
    • “Strategic Waiting in the IPO Markets,” with Hikmet Gunay, Journal of Corporate Finance 17 (2011): 555-583.        
    • “Primary Market Characteristics and Secondary Market Frictions of Stocks,” with Rodney Boehme, Journal of Financial Markets 15 (2012): 286-327.         
    • “IPO Characteristics of Index Firms,” Managerial Finance 38 (2012): 1134-1159.        
    • “Changes in Cash Holdings Around the S&P 500 Additions,” with Eric Brisker and David Peterson, Journal of Banking and Finance 37 (2013): 1787-1807.
    • “Executive Compensation Structure and the Motivations for Seasoned Equity Offerings,” (with Don Autore, Eric Brisker, and David Peterson), Journal of Banking and Finance 40 (2014): 330-345.
    • “Decoupling by Clienteles and by Time in the Financial Markets: The Case of Two-Stage Stock-Financed Mergers,” (with James Ang and Tai-Wei Zhang), Journal of Corporate Finance 25 (2014): 360-375.
    • “Political Environment, Financial Intermediation Costs, and Financing Patterns” (with Ali Gungoraydinoglu, Ozde Oztekin), Journal of Corporate Finance 44 (2017): 167-192.
    • “Political Uncertainty and IPO Activity: Evidence from U.S. Gubernatorial Elections” (with Art Durnev and Yiming Qian), Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis 52 (2017): 2523-2564.
    • “Global Leverage Adjustments, Uncertainty, and Country Institutional Strength” (with Ali Gungoraydinoglu and Ozde Oztekin), Journal of Financial Intermediation 35, Part A, (2018): 41-56.
    • "Investor Relations and IPO Performance" (with Salim Chahine, Iftekhar Hasan, and Mohamad Mazboudi), forthcoming in Review of Accounting Studies (2019)            

  • Grants and Awards

    • The Academy of Finland Research Grant, Academy of Finland, 2017-2021 (in collaboration with Timo Korkeamaki, Renée Adams, Magnus Blomkvist); Title:“CEO mobility - to limit or not to limit?”  Amount: 445,412EUR.
    • General Research Fund, Research Grants Council (RGC) of Hong Kong, 2019-2021 (in collaboration with Ji-Chai Lin); Title: "Credit Market Sentiment and the Debt Trap." Amount: 781,500HKD.   
    • Summer Research Grant, Florida State University, Summer 2013; Title: “Political Uncertainty and the IPO Market.” Amount: 12,000USD
    • The Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC) Special Call on Management Grant, 2009-2011 (in collaboration with Hikmet Gunay); Title: “Beliefs and Learning in Initial Public Offerings and Bank-Runs.” Amount: 69,600CAD
    • Summer Research Grant, Florida State University, Summer 2009; Title: “The Long-Run Performances of the New Additions to the S&P 500 Index: Pre- and Post-Inclusion.” Amount: 8,000USD
    • Council on Research and Creativity (CRC) Grant, Florida State University 2008; Title: “Playing the Waiting Game in the IPO Markets.” Amount: 19,500USD
    • Summer Research Grant, Wichita State University, Summer 2006; Title: “Co-Movement in Waves.” Amount: 8,000USD
    • Summer Research Grant, Wichita State University, Summer 2005; Title: “Hot Issue Market and Time Variation in Adverse Selection.” Amount: 8,000USD