Gonul Colak, Ph.D

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Florida State University

The College of Business

Department of Finance

Rovetta Business Bldg. #522

821 Academic Way

Tallahassee, FL 32306-1110

E-mail: goncolak@yahoo.com
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  • Education

Ph.D. in Finance, The University of Iowa, May 2004
M.S. in Economics, The University of Iowa, 2001
B.S. in Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Bilkent University, Turkey, 1998

  • Areas of Interest

Equity Offerings, Corporate Restructuring, Political Uncertainty, Financial Econometrics, S&P 500 Index Firms, Investments.

  • Experience

Assistant Professor, Department of Finance, Florida State University, August 2007-present.
Assistant Professor, FREDS Departments, Wichita State University, August 2004-May2007.
Instructor, Department of Finance, The University of Iowa, August 2003-July 2004.
Teaching Assistant, Department of Finance, The University of Iowa, 2001-2003.
Research Assistant, Department of Finance, The University of Iowa, 1999-2000.             
Research Assistant, Department of Economics, The University of Iowa, 1998-1999.

  • Professional Affiliation

Member of American Finance Association (AFA)
Member of Financial Management Association (FMA)
The Society for Financial Studies (SFS)

  • Publications
    • “Spin-offs, Divestitures, and Conglomerate Investment,” with Toni M. Whited, Review of Financial Studies 20 (2007): 557-595.

    • “Cycles in the IPO Market,” with Chris Yung and Wei Wang, Journal of Financial Economics 89 (2008): 192-208.

    • “Diversification, Refocusing, and Firm Value,” European Financial Management 16 (2010):422-448.

    • “Strategic Waiting in the IPO Markets,” with Hikmet Gunay, Journal of Corporate Finance 17 (2011): 555-583.

    • “Primary Market Characteristics and Secondary Market Frictions of Stocks,” with Rodney Boehme, Journal of Financial Markets 15 (2012): 286-327. 

    • “IPO Characteristics of Index Firms,” Managerial Finance, 38 (2012): 1134-1159.

    • “Changes in Cash Holdings Around the S&P 500 Additions,” with Eric Brisker and David Peterson, Journal of Banking and Finance, 37 (2013), 1787-1807.

    • “Executive Compensation Structure and the Motivations for Seasoned Equity Offerings,” with Eric Brisker, Don Autore, and David Peterson, Journal of Banking and Finance, 40 (2014), 330-345.

    • “Decoupling by Clienteles and by Time: The Case of Two-Stage Stock-Financed Mergers,” with James Ang and Tai-Wei Zhang, Journal of Corporate Finance, 25 (2014), 360-375.

  • Presentations

“Political Uncertainty, Transaction Costs, and Leverage Adjustments: An International Perspective” 
Florida State University, January 2014;

“International IPO Markets and a Foreign IPO Puzzle”

           New Economic School - Moscow, Russia, May 2013;

“Political Uncertainty and IPO Activity: Evidence from U.S. Gubernatorial Elections”

            University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom, June 2013;
            European FMA Conference in Reading, United Kingdom, June 2013;
            Florida State University, March 2013;
            University of Miami, February 2013;

“Market Segmentation and Decoupling in the Financial Markets: The Case of Two-Stage Stock-Financed Mergers”

           European FMA Conference in Barcelona, Spain, June 2012;
           FMA Conference in Denver, October 2011;

“Cash Holdings Around S&P 500 Additions”

            University of Central Florida, January 2011;
            Auburn University, October 2010;

“Common Dynamics of Corporate Waves”

            Sabanci University, Istanbul, Turkey, June 2011      
            European FMA Conference in Aarhus, Denmark, June 2010;

“Strategic Waiting in the IPO Markets"
             FMA Conference in Reno, October 2009;  
FMA European Conference in Turin-Italy, June 2009;
             Florida State University - financial Math Program, February 2009;   
Georgia State University, February 2009; 
             University of Alabama, November 2008;
             University of Manitoba, September 2008;

"IPO Characteristics of Index Firms" 
FMA Conference in New York, October 2010;   
University of New Orleans, March 2009;

"Primary Market Characteristics and Secondary Market Frictions of Stocks"
EFMA Conference in Athens, June 2008;
FMA Europe Conference in Prague, June 2008;
Koc Finance Conference, May 2008;
University of Southern Florida, March 2008;

"Cycles in the IPO Market"
SUNY Buffalo, February 2007;
Florida State University, January 2007;
George Mason University, January 2007;
"Top-Ten Percent" session, FMA Conference in Salt Lake City, October 2006; 
University of Kansas, September 2006;
FMA Europe Conference in Stockholm, June 2006; 
University of Nebraska, February 2006;

"Spin-offs, Divestitures, and Conglomerate Investment"
Wichita State University, April 2004; 
York University, February 2004;
Virginia Tech, January 2004;
University of Iowa, November 2003;

"Diversification, Refocusing, and Firm Value"
FMA Europe Conference in Stockholm, June 2006;
              Wichita State University, April 2005;
University of Iowa, April 2003;

"The Preferred Habitat Patterns in the Holdings of Canadian and U.S. Sub-National Debt"
Western Social Sciences Association, Calgary, Canada, April 2007;

"The Effect of Measurement Error in q on Cash Flow Sensitivity of Cash" 
International Conference on Business Management and Economics, Çesme, Izmir, Turkey, June 2006;